At Magic Dance Club, we believe in a three-part approach toward teaching. The three parts are Private Lessons, Group Lessons and Social Practice Parties that mimic a nightclub setting. Using all three in conjunction guarantees that you will feel the most progress and get the most enjoyment out of the learning process.

How We Teach

$49 Special

For our new students we offer $49 Special. 

It's a great deal and a great way to start your dancing lessons! This package gives you an opportunity to try all three parts of our teaching. It includes:

2 Private Lessons,

1 Group Class,

1 Dance Party.

(Valid for an individual or a couple)


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For a complete listing of group classes and other events please check our calendar:


Here is a list of all the dances we teach at Magic Dance Club!
East Coast Swing
Cha cha
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Our courses

After you accomplish the $49 Special you are going to continue your dancing with a special Introductory Course Program. This package of lessons will introduce you to the main dance styles. 

Once you finish Introductory Course Program you are ready to start Social Ease Course or Bronze Course. Your Instructor will guide you and prepare you a personalized program to achieve your goals!


Social Ease Course

Our Social Ease Course follows the Introductory Course and is designed to give you the basic skills needed to feel comfortable and competent in Social Dancing. You can expect to learn four to five of the most popular social dances, giving you the ability to dance to almost any song you hear.

Bronze Course

The Bronze Course is our Full Social Standard of Dancing and our most popular program. This course is designed to teach you all the necessary skills to not only look great on the dance floor, but to feel great as well. Bronze goes beyond just competence, but to a true sense of accomplishment and confidence.

Silver Course

Our Silver Course is designed for those who want to take their dancing exceptional heights.​ This level offers a very high level of polish, styling and technique in all the ballroom dances, and the end result is a dancer who truly stands out on every dance floor. Dancers at the Silver level often like to show off their skills at competitions and exhibitions all over country and the world.

Gold Course

Our Gold Course is for The Stars and those who want to be the best of the best! Gold dancers have impeccable skills and demand attention on the dance floor. Gold dancers are often mistaken for professionals. As with Silver dancers, Gold dancers compete in competitions and perform in exhibitions. Our Gold Course is when dancing becomes becomes a serious hobby...even a way of life!

Wedding Course 

It wasn’t so long ago that a couple’s first dance as husband and wife was simply a stroll around the dance floor. Now, with ease of videos and picture-perfect photography by professionals as well as every guest with a phone, many brides and grooms want to make sure their first dance is memorable and exciting! At Magic Dance we'll give you dancing skills to wow your family and friends at the reception!

Youth Program

Children are the dance professionals and competitors of the future. Through enthusiasm and encouragement, your child can reach their dreams. Some young girls and boys hope to be world class competitors, while other just like the feeling of twirling to the music. Either way, our lessons and classes are designed to be fun, educational and energetic!

Dance classes for children

7-14 yr.old - Ballroom Dance Class for girls and boys!

 Mondays 5:45-6:30 pm

Learning the basics of Ballroom Dancing: musicality and rhythm, syllabus dance steps, leading/following, dance technique (posture, feet position, hip movement, styling and etc.)

Dances: rumba, cha cha, salsa, swing and etc.

4-6 yr. old - Dance Class Wednesdays 5:30-6:15 pm

Introduction to dancing.

Ballet and gymnastics basics, improving posture, foot position, flexibility and awareness of body movement. Dancing games to make it more fun, expressing emotions, creativity using dance movements.

Learning to follow the teacher and remember dance steps.

*Not open at the moment - call to register

7-14 yr.old - Dance Class Fridays 5:45-6:30 pm

Contemporary Dance style class.

Practicing elements of ballet, stretching, strengthening muscles.

Creating dance routines and performing at studio Showcases and other events. 


Private or semi-private lessons are available also. 

Please contact us for more information or to sign up for classes: 727-549-2222

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