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NEW Salsa & Bachata Classes!

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Level 1

Embrace Rhythm: Unleash Your Salsa and Bachata Journey!

Begin your dance journey with our Level 1 classes and let the magic of Salsa and Bachata light up your life! Designed for absolute beginners, this class introduces you to the vibrant world of Salsa and Bachata. Learn essential footwork, basic turns, and the art of partner connection. No partner or experience is required.

Mondays at 7:30 pm

To secure your spot,

register below before attending the class!


Level 2

Elevate Your Rhythm: Unleashing the Dancer Within!

Ready to elevate your dance journey? In this exciting course, we'll focus on connecting the foundational steps you mastered in Level 1, seamlessly weaving them into dynamic patterns. You'll boost your leading skills and soon be ready to hit the social dance floor with confidence!


7:15 pm - Salsa

8:00 pm - Bachata

To secure your spot,

register below before attending the class!

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Level 3

Ignite the Dance Floor: Elevate the Dancer Within You!

Dive into the groove with our dynamic Salsa & Bachata Level 3 classes! Explore exciting dance patterns, enhance your partner connection. Elevate your dance experience, impress on the floor, and become the dance maestro you've always aspired to be!


7:30 pm - Salsa

 8:15 pm - Bachata

*Instructor approval is required for this level!


$60 monthly subscription - 1 class a week (4 classes a month)

$20 per class - drop-in

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