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Kamila (Instructor)

From Lithuania's Rhythmic Gymnastics Champion to the Dance Maestro! Kamila's journey began at just 6 years old with rhythmic gymnastics, where she rose to become a national champion after a decade of devoted practice. However, the allure of dance soon captivated her heart, prompting Kamila to gracefully transition from the gymnastics to the dance floor.

Recognized for her talent by choreographers, Kamila became a standout performer at Lithuania's prestigious Modern Dance Theater "Aura," dazzling audiences with the top troupe.

But Kamila's dance adventure didn't stop there—she discovered the enchanting world of Ballroom Dancing, Salsa, and Bachata! Intrigued by their unique rhythms and transformative benefits, Kamila now shares her passion exclusively at Magic Dance Club.

As a highly skilled competitive Ballroom, Salsa, and Bachata Dance instructor, Kamila not only imparts technique but crafts enchanting wedding dance choreographies, turning special moments into unforgettable memories.

Whether you're eager to refine your Ballroom elegance, spice up your Salsa flair, or immerse yourself in the sensual rhythms of Bachata, Kamila is your dedicated guide. Embrace the joy of dance with Kamila at Magic Dance Club, where the magic of movement unfolds into thrilling performances at Showcases and Competitions. Elevate your dance experience and dance your heart out with Kamila!

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