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Kamila (Instructor)

In her native Lithuania, Kamila started her training when she was only 6 years old. Ten years of everyday practice led her to become the national champion in Rhythmic Gymnastics. After career in Rhythmic Gymnastics she found her new passion - dancing. It didn't take a long time till choreographers noticed her talent. Soon she was dancing with the top performing troupe in Lithuania's most famous Modern Dance Theater "Aura". The passion for dancing didn't stop there, Kamila discovered Ballroom Dancing! It fascinated her by how unique it is and how many benefits it brings to peoples' lives! 

Kamila is now teaching children and adults at Magic Dance Club. She is a highly skilled competitive Ballroom and Social Dance instructor. In addition, Kamila specializes in preparing special wedding dance choreographies! 


Kamila is also holding group dance classes for kids! Bring your little ones to Kamila's Gymnastics and Ballet classes, Ballroom and Contemporary dance classes to stimulate their creativity and get them moving! Her dance classes are always an expression of joy that culminate in exciting performances at Showcases and Competitions.

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